Monday, June 13, 2016


Currently in Platte City MO (Low 65 Partly Cloudy Currently 70)
Heading to Stanton IA (Currently 73 Thunder Storms later High 90) 

You have heard the old saying, "you can put lipstick on a pig - but it's still a pig". Well that is how we felt when we were getting ready to go to the formal wedding of Jo's great nephew (#Hall2Doll).

You can put fancy clothes on us but we are still fulltime RVers. Bob was trying on his slacks and new shirt and new jacket with shoes and socks. We did this in the bedroom and woke our cat JJ up who was asleep on the bed. He got one of the most frightened looks we have ever seen, jumped down from the bed and headed downstairs. About halfway there he looked back up, we guess to confirm that it was really happening and wasn't a nightmare. He probably was so used to our regular fulltimers uniforms of shorts and t-shirts. He then went and hid. Cats really like things to stay the same and not change and we guess this change was a little too much.

Now Jo says Bob looked all right so it wasn't what some of you are probably thinking. In spite of scaring one of JJ's lifes we had a good time at the wedding and reception. Here is the new bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Doll. It was an outdoor wedding and a little warm so off came the jackets.

Here we are all gussied up at the reception.

Here is Jo with her niece, the mother of the groom.

It was held at the Eighteen Ninety Event Space in Platte City Missouri.

As we were driving home we saw this wonderful sunset. The perfect ending to a great day.

We are back to our regular fulltimers uniform as we continue our journey across this great country. Today we head to Viking Lake State Park near Red Oak Iowa to see Jo's aunt and cousins.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Beautiful bride. look like you could be a bride also. Beautiful dress. You dress up pretty good too, Bob...hehe

  2. You guys gussy up really good. Looks like the weather really cooperated and everybody had a good time.