Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am a REALLY Bad Blogger (Update #6)

A lot has been going on as we prepare to fulltime this year we just have not had much time to blog about it. As mentioned previously we have shredded or burned countless bags of paper. It is amazing how much has your name and address or account number or SSN or all of the above. It is more amazing that we keep finding stashes of paper everywhere.

We have had a number of garage sales and have donated a bunch of stuff to charity. Some stuff we do not plan to use to stage the house was given to family. The last major collection to get rid of is my HUGE Star Trek collection that has a lot of really neat stuff but no place to store in 5er.

In January we changed to Bank of America for nationwide access and we think we have everything transferred over. We are in the process of going paperless on all of our accounts. We have mostly finished the major renovations inside; just finished the master bedroom and the guest room upstairs. Next inside tasks are the garage and a fresh coat of paint on the finished basement. When it warms up we will have yet another garage sale, put a coat of paint on the front stoop since the new concrete patching clashes with the old concrete, and spruce up the landscaping for better curb appeal.

In the very near future we are going to change to Escapee mail forwarding so that we have time to change everything over to the new address. We plan to talk to realtors in March and put our house on market shortly thereafter in late March or April. We are contemplating an auction since our place is lakefront on a 70 acre lake and there is not that much lakefront property available at one time in the KC area.

During our garage sales we posted a sign in our garage that the house would be on the market in Spring 2009 and got a couple of nibbles so we plan to call them before we talk to the realtors and maybe we can sell it quickly and with no realtor fees : )

We plan to buy Carriage Cameo F35SB3 fifth wheel after we have selected a realtor and know what else needs to be done. We then plan to live in RV park 7 miles from house so no liter boxes showing or chance of cats getting out if they show house while we are not there. Doing this will allow us to leave the home staged and come back once in a while to clean, mow the lawn if it goes that far, etc. Once we move to 5er we will have post office hold mail and pickup when we check on house. That way we will know if everybody we need to have new address has it.

First trip in the 5er will be depending on when the house sells since we will not be getting a tow vehicle until the house sells. We will be going to Escapade and bootcamp in May in Sedalia one way or the other.

It is becoming more and more likely that any travel related posts will be after we move into the 5er.

Till next time,

Bob & Jo

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