Saturday, October 6, 2012

Full-timing With 3 Cats - Laundry Day

Peculiar MO (Partly Sunny and Colder High 52 Low 32)

Time to time we like to blog on our full-timing with 3 cats in 359 sq. ft. Today we deal with laundry day.

Believe it or not we put our cats to work. Recently Sandra was helping us with the laundry.

Here she is inspecting the washer dryer and making sure it was ready.

Here she is telling us everything is OK.

Cats are so inquisitive that whenever we open a cabinet or closet or the washer dryer they act like they have never been in there before, which in the case of the washer dryer was probably true. At least this is the first time we have documented it :-)

Full-timing with 3 cats is always an adventure!

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not Going to be Snowbirds This Winter

Peculiar MO (Conditions HIGH 66 Thunderstorms late LOW 52)

We are going to be birds in the snow :-(

It is both a good thing and a bad thing to see Doctors. The bad thing is that they may find something wrong; the good thing is that this time it can be fixed. Bob saw a couple of Doctors while we are in the Kansas City area and will now have two surgeries. With the recovery times we will be spending the entire winter in the Kansas City area.

With the first surgery in mid-October we are now concentrating on getting our fresh water hose winterized, looking to rent a large propane tank since Bob will be unable to lift the 30 pound tanks into place, and other things so Jo will only have to worry about being Bob's caregiver.

So we probably will not be blogging much for a while although we do plan on trying to read the many blogs we follow. We will appreciate all your prayers while Bob is recuperating..

Till next time,

Bob and Jo