Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Currently in Stanton IA (Low 64 Sunny Currently 70)
Heading to Storm Lake IA (Currently 67 Partly Sunny High 89) 

Catching up on our recent stay at the Basswood RV Resort. The term 'resort' is thrown out a lot in the RV world but this place may be deserving of the moniker. The complex is amazing with luxury suites, RV sites, cabins, fishing lakes, clubhouse, an event space where the rehearsal dinner was held, etc. 

As we mentioned in our previous post this location is GPS-challenged. Because of that, or their 'resort' status, they have the best signage we have seen. They even allowed for the alternate routes that some GPS devices may send you on.

The park roads are asphalt. There are a few deluxe sites that have concrete sites and patios but we are in the gravel sites area. Or at least we thought we were as we were pulling in. We took the asphalt road to our site and saw gravel sites one after the other. What we didn't realize is that our site was the last on the row and it was on asphalt which is a big bonus.

The park WiFi is supposedly good in their hotspot areas but we were in a fringe area. Luckily our Pepwave Surf Soho router with its two antennas helped the signal strength enough so that in low usage times it was OK. The area is weak though for 4g/cellular and even weak on GPS at times, probably due to the trees. There are a lot of trees but a number of sites can get a good line of sight for satellite service and we were in one. They offer CableTV in case you don't have, or can't get, a good satellite signal.

Here we are in our site

To the right

To the left

From the rear showing the asphalt site/road.

This is a nice park and worked out great for us since the rehearsal dinner was at the Basswood Hall in the park and the wedding was about 8 miles away.

We are leaving Viking Lake State Park today and heading to Storm Lake Iowa continuing our 'friends, family and backroads tour'.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. One huge problem we run into is that many parks do not put their back ins on a slant. With the motorhome, it was much easier to back into those spots. But with the 5er, it is much more of a challenge. I like your parks parking.