Thursday, June 23, 2016


Currently in Elkhart IN (Low 57 Stormy High 77) 

After an adventurous time of family and mower propelled rocks we left North Utica Illinois yesterday and drove to the Elkhart Campground in Elkhart Indiana.

It was approximately 172 miles landing us in the Eastern Daylight Timezone, this is the route we took.

Bob had contacted Michele Henry from Phoenix Commercial Paint Inc. earlier in the week and although she is no longer in business she agreed to stop by and take a look since she was working in the area. Bob got the name from the Gypsy Journal 'RV Good Guys' list and we can see why she is on the list. We'll have more about the repair of our door ding later.

With all we had going on we forgot to change the address of our weather alert system. We were watching TV last night and we first got a severe thunderstorm warning and shortly thereafter a tornado on the ground warning near our area. Luckily that area was Utica Illinois. Lucky for us that is but not for the Utica area as they had some damage. We changed the address and the phone calls stopped. We did get a lot of rain and we were under a tornado watch as the evening progressed. We also lost power for a few hours. It's great to be back in the midwest :-)

We stayed hooked up last night because we are heading this morning to Quadra Manufacturing to have our Bigfoot leveling system looked at. We have replaced a sensor and added an on/off switch but it is still not operating properly. We are in a grass site so we will decide later whether to go today or give it a day to dry out and go tomorrow.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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