Monday, August 19, 2019


Currently in Kerrville TX (Low 72 Partly Sunny: HOT High 100) 

It has been an interesting last few days for the Baskerville household. Jo has been having pain near the battery for her neurostimulator implant so the Pain Center decided it was time to replace it with a newer model that hopefully won't have that problem. Plus during the surgery to replace it the surgeon will also see if there is any scar tissue and nerve issues that can be taken care off which may have been causing the pain. She had that surgery at the South Texas Spine and Surgical Hospital.

This was an outpatient procedure so Jo is certain that Nurse Ratched is her caregiver.  She is doing OK but with some tenderness. She has a followup appointment next week.

It was also an interesting few days for Tiger.

We thought she might have had a stroke a few days ago because she was wobbly on her feet but it turns out she just must have been dehydrated. After bloodwork that was amazingly good Tiger spent the night in the hospital getting fluids and a B12 shot. The vet called the next day and said she was ready to come home. She put Tiger on the ground and she ran away from the vet. When she got back she was her old self for a few days then had a different setback but a quick visit to the vet quickly diagnosed the problem that could be taken care of with an antibiotics shot and a steroid shot. We brought her home and in no time she was her old self. She has been through a lot but bounces back quickly. She also has a followup appointment in a few days.

Sandra has also been to the vet.

She had bad itching in her ears that needed antibiotics and antifungal liquid. She has a followup appointment this week.

We'll try to keep you updated on Jo, Tiger, and Sandra. The boys (Bob and JJ) have nothing to report on in this area.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

Friday, August 16, 2019


Currently in Kerrville TX (Low 74 Mostly Sunny: HOT High 102) 

To paraphrase 'Airplane: The Movie", we picked a bad time to have our bedroom a/c go out. It has been HOT here lately. Luckily we have a 2nd air conditioner but it just couldn't keep up. To help in our comfort we bought a Vornado fan and an 'Artic Air'.

We also put up some reflecting material on a few of the windows. There was a couple hours each day that were almost unbearable but we survived. The 'Artic Air' worked better in the smaller bedroom, it did put out cooler air. We were also very impressed with the Vornado fan.

The good news is that our new air conditioner was installed yesterday. Even with both air conditioners the temperature inside still rises with both of them running, but certainly not to the uncomfortable levels with only 1.

Another sad time is that we are at the end of the fresh peach season.

Locals tell us this was one of the best peach season ever. There are a lot of varieties and we sampled as many as we could, probably a dozen or so. Early on it was the cling type then we move to the semi-freestone type and then ended with the freestone. We had so many varieties that were down the arm juicy that it is difficult to pick our favorite. We had peaches over pancakes, over ice cream, we made a compote, but the best was to bite and then wipe juice off our arm. Sadly we are at the end of the season. Early peaches and late peaches are hit and miss taste wise but if they are available we will keep buying.

With the heat we haven't been doing much except doctor appointments, shopping and eating out. We try to do all that early and get back home before the major heat of the day.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo