Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Currently in Raymore MO (Low 60 Sun and Some Clouds High 87)

Catching up on a blog entry we thought we had posted earlier.
We hate to admit it but although we are seasoned travelers we are a little anxious about our first trip north from Kerrville Texas to Raymore Missouri. It will be our first trip in the Tucson and the first time we are leaving the RV behind.
We brought the slides and set the air conditioner on a high temperature. We also turned the water off and opened the low point drains leaving water tubs in the shower and island sink for humidity concerns. 

As far as packing goes it will be a learning process. One thing is certain is that we can't leave any items behind that might be subject to high temperature concerns like medications, supplements, vitamins, etc. We keep telling ourselves that there are Walmart stores everywhere and if we forget something we can always buy some more.
We are currently in Raymore and are spending about 5 months in Raymore getting our new apartment fully furnished and seeing friends and family. We'll blog about our trip north in the near future.
Till next time,
Bob and Jo