Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Currently in Goodyear AZ (Low 40 Partly Sunny High 69) 

One of the bloggers that we follow is Judy who travels with her dog Emma at their blog Travels With Emma. Judy, aka the Bird Lady of Blogland, wrote one time about the Spiedie chicken she used to have. Spiedie is a marinade that she made for a Spiedie fest with her brother. Well look what I found in Frys grocery store the other day.

I am sure it is not as good as what Judy makes but it sure was convenient for us since it is an all purpose marinade. We split a fresh chicken and marinaded it and it was real good. We then tried it on ribeye with a little Montreal Steak Seasoning thrown in and it was also good on steak. It is low in calories, sugar so no carbs and it is gluten free so it hits all the bases.

Thank you Judy,  you inspire us with your life, cooking, photography skills and especially your knowledge of birds.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Currently in Goodyear AZ (Low 48 Partly Cloudy High 69) 

While Jo is recovering from her neurostimulator surgery we have not done much but we have been able to see a few movies. "Miracles from Heaven" tells the remarkable true story of healing of a little girl.

Starring Jennifer Garner as the mother of the little girl with an incurable deadly illness. We highly recommend this movie but you better bring along some kleenex because you will need quite a few, or at least Bob did. 

We also saw "Risen" which tells the story of the Roman Tribune sent by Pontius Pilate to find the body of Jesus that has disappeared.

Starring Ralph Fiennes as the Clavius the Tribune who searches high and low encountering the Apostles and other Jews in his search providing a different take on the Resurrection. "Miracles from Heaven" and "Risen" are more examples of better faith based movies that are being offered and we like the trend.

For a change of pace we saw "London has Fallen".

Starring Gerard Butler has a Secret Service agent in charge of protecting the President of the United States during a massive terror attack while in London. The special effects and action in this movie are amazing. We have to caution that the F word is used a few times but unlike other movies that curse all the time the use of the F word was most of the time somewhat appropriate and we liked this  movie too. 

Jo is getting the neurostimulator adjusted today so hopefully it will begin to provide the relief that she is looking for.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Goodyear AZ (Low 50 Sunny High 88) 

It's that time of year again, March Madness, NCAA Men's Basketball Tourneys. Bob will be camped out in the recliner beginning today. All games are live but Thursday and Friday are the best days because there can sometimes be 4 games on at a time.

The nice thing about being in the valley of the sun is that we are not on daylight savings time so our time matches Pacific Daylight time. What that means is that the games start earlier at 9a and thusly end earlier.

Bob will do it all today, 16 men's games, and then again tomorrow with another 16 games! Jo will be using the Genie mini client and watching her shows, reading books, visiting friends, etc. She is a trooper to put up with Bob at this time of year, heck all of the year :-)

With 13-14 hours of basketball each day we will fall a little further behind in our blog reading and commenting :-)

Till next time,

Bob & Jo

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Currently in Goodyear AZ (Low 55 Mostly Sunny High 88) 

A quick update on Jo. She had the neurostimulator surgery last Friday.

She had a rough weekend but she is slowly getting better each day. Within limits the surgeon told her she could do as much as she felt like doing. The limits are that she cannot bend or reach for a few weeks. This is to allow the leads in her back to heal with scar tissue and the two incisions to also heal. That means for the near future Bob is her personal assistant and valet. We are planning on going to the Royal's first Spring Training game tomorrow but don't know how long she will last. There will be a pregame ceremony where the trophy is displayed.

It will be good to get her out but the BWE is in full effect. Normal temperatures this time of the year are about 72. The BWE is on the positive side with 16-20 degrees above normal.

It has been that way for awhile with numerous records set in February including the earliest 90 degree day.

We will let you know the Royals game went and how her follow-up with the surgeon goes on Thursday in a later posting.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo