Monday, June 20, 2016


Currently in North Utica IL (Low 75 Afternoon Thunderstorms High 90) 

The ObamaCare nightmare played havoc with our blogging so we are catching up on a couple of 'On the Road Again' postings.  It has been a couple of days and all but one of the comments across all of social media were supportive. The negative comment supporting ObamaCare came from a Canadian. Guess their health care must be bad if ObamaCare looks so good in comparison :-)

Anyway, on to our travels. We drove from Storm Lake Iowa to Lazy Acres RV Park in Center Point Iowa for a very short stay.

This is the route we took for the 189 mile journey.

While here we shopped at Sam's Club in Cedar Rapids and other than going to Mass and catching up on laundry we just relaxed from the hectic pace we have set.

After our short stay at Lazy Acres RV Park we left yesterday and drove to Hickory Hollow Campground in North Utica Illinois.

This is the route we took for the 192 mile journey. Since it was through some major traffic areas we traveled on a Sunday.

While here we plan to travel a little west and visit Bob's aunt and cousins today. Then tomorrow we will travel a little east and visit Jo's nephew. Should be a whirlwind couple of days. So much for relaxing.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo