Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Added California and Nevada

Peculiar (Low 23 High 31 Snow ending, getting much colder)

Did we say Bob has a severe case of hitch itch :-) 

He has been planning out our summer travels and also getting ahead of the game on the "Our Google Maps - Places to See and Eat" area of our blog. He has added California and Nevada, places that we will not see for at least another year.

Why go to all this work you say, well if all goes well he will convert the Google Maps into POI files for our Garmin. So not only will the info on all the sites he has collected over the years be available online for planning purposes we will be able to easily drive to these spots too. 

Expect a future blog posting on his progress on converting these maps.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We Are So DONE With Winter, Part 3

Winter has been a rollercoaster ride for us; from 60 degrees one day to freezing the next to an intermittent furnace problem fixed and then acting up again. The most annoying rollercoaster though has been the water hose that has frozen on a number of occasions. 

After the disaster with the heated hose we went for awhile and all was good. We had a rollercoaster day yesterday with running water first thing then nothing. We feared that it was something we had done, either the heat taped hose or heat taped water faucet. We had an appointment so we had to leave. When we got home we checked the water hose and it was flexible enough to know it was not frozen. We went inside and still no water. We turned on the faucet a little later and it started dribbling and then more and then we had running water. A few minutes later the park custodian knocked on the door and said it was a city water problem.

We cannot tell you the relief we felt, we immediately felt it was something we had done but it turned out to be not our problem. This was the good part of the rollercoaster ride; the bad part was a few minutes later when we no longer had running water. Thinking it was city water again we had no worries, then the knock on the door and we were told our hose had burst.

The hose was not frozen but maybe not thick walled enough to handle the heated tape wrapped around it. So it was off to get a new fresh water hose and more duct tape since the last fiasco or two has depleted our supply. All we need now is a warm day to do the switch.

Have we told you we are so DONE with winter yet?

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We Have a Bad Case of "Hitch Itch" - We Made Our First Camping Reservation!

Peculiar MO (Low 11 Partly Sunny High 32)

Even though this has been a cold winter for most everyone except those in Florida, and even though we would be freezing our butts off in Goodyear Arizona (our usual winter location) right now, we still have a bad case of "hitch itch".

Here is a photo of the most recent snowstorm on Saturday, January 12th that contributes to our condition.

It was a weird couple of days. We got about 3" of snow the day after it was almost 60 degrees. Just a few miles north of us and there was no snow at all.

Bob has been obsessively going over our plans after we leave here. Since we are so close to our summer destination on the Upper Peninsula we are going to stay until early April. We will spend April and early May hopscotching around Iowa visiting relatives and friends. We even made our first reservation of the year near Pella Iowa for Tulip Time since that is a well attended event. This early in the camping year that is probably the only reservation we may need except for Memorial Day. 

We plan to spend from just after Memorial Day to mid August in Houghton Michigan recuperating from our winter experience.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

Friday, January 4, 2013

We are so DONE With Winter, Part 2

Peculiar MO (Low 22 Plenty of Sunshine High 40)

We are so DONE with winter.

Returning recently from a day of shopping we got a call from the park that our hose had broke and was spraying water everywhere. When we replaced the heated water hose with one of our 25' water hoses with heat tape wrapped around and then covered with pipe foam insulation we knew it should have been a little longer. It had to be pulled to make the connection at the rig and it was rubbing up against our generator exhaust pipe. By the time we were almost finished we were so cold that we decided to wait a couple of days until it was in the 40s to add a short piece of hose to get it away from the exhaust pipe in case we needed to run the generator. 

Turns out the hose had other ideas; with the weight of the water and the heat tape and all the duct tape around the pipe insulation the hose separated from the male connector. The good news is that meant all we needed was a hose mender and a 7 mile drive to Ace Hardware. The bad news is that Bob thought that both of the fresh water hoses that we had were 5/8" so we bought a 5/8" hose mender. Turns out the other hose was 1/2" so it was another 7 mile trip to the hardware store, two hardware stores this time since Ace did not have a hose mender for our sized hose.

After almost 30 miles and three hardware stores we mended the hose and added the short hose extender, wrapped it all it heat tape and then pipe insulation and duct tape.

Did we mention that we are so DONE with winter!!

Till next time,

Bob and Jo