Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stumbling along (Update Part 11)

We are now in an extended stay place having left our house so that the estate sale people can setup for our Estate Sale August 27-30. We were a little concerned about our home inspection because of the number of items found but our agent assured us that most inspection reports are a lot worse. There was a lot of work that could be done by Bob and the remainder was done by a professional contractor.

While that work was being performed we began packing and sorting things into piles to go to storage and to go with us to the extended stay. We were still sweating the appraisal since appraisals have gotten tougher in this new era. As the appraiser was leaving she told us we could keep packing and that we did not have anything to worry about. As if we did not have enough to worry about with the inspection and then the appraisal we were not prepared for the phone call we got the day before we were going to the extended stay place. The people in the room that we were going to be using had their stay extended so we no longer had the room. There was not another 2 room setup at that facility. There was a sister property in the area so we took a room sight unseen and that made it interesting when we checked in.

As far as the extended stay room goes let me say that we are going to have way more storage in our new fifth wheel than we have in this place, more hanging space, more drawers, more everything including square footage we swear. We ended up the first couple of days with boxes all over and we had to buy flat plastic storage trays that would fit under the bed. We also remembered couple of things we left behind so we had to take a couple of 30 mile roundtrips to retrieve them.

Bob started calling to get insurance quotes on our new home and vehicle since the new Ford F-350 could be available between August 27th and August 31st which is the date we close. The fifth wheel could be available August 31st to September 2nd. The buyers close on September 4th and take possession on the 5th. Although the plan seems to coming together nicely we feel that we are stumbling along on this roller coaster ride; just when we start to relax we remember things we left behind in our rush to get out of the house or we remember more things to do. We have way more stuff in storage that will fit into our new home because we decided to wait and do the really serious culling until we had to. Once we get everything organized in our new home we have adopted the motto that "if something comes into the fifth wheel something has to come out" so we shall see how that goes.

We still have a lot to get done before we start living the dream and we plan to periodically blog on our progress so stay tuned.

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Till next time,

Bob & Jo

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