Saturday, March 4, 2023


 Currently in Kerrville TX (Low 48 Sunny and Warm High 82)

As you know in late-December we added Probie, The Cat who came for Christmas.

Probie gets some toys and goes on first car ride.
Probie gets enough toys for 740 sq ft (Raymore MO) even though we live in 400 sq ft (Kerrville TX).

Probie is reunited and it feels so good (we hope). With the changes in the park the family that thought Probie and her twin were their cats, even though Bob and our neighbor were the only ones feeding them, left a couple days. Whenever Probie saw her twin outside she made the strangest noise. We talked to the neighbor who couldn't keep the twin so we adopted yet another cat. Keeping the NCIS theme, meet LJ (short for Leroy Jethro).

The introduction didn't go as well as we had hoped. It was quite the shock for LJ to go to a new place being an indoor/outdoor cat and then be confronted by a mirror image that was immediately in his face and now and indoor only cat. We split them up the first night so LJ could gain some familiarity and confidence in his new surroundings. That worked out pretty good but Probie decided she had 2 months of playing with her twin to catch up on and wanted to play, play, play, sometimes a little rough. This overwhelmed LJ so we had to keep an eye on them all the time. For the first few nights Bob had LJ in the bedroom and Jo slept on the recliner downstairs with Probie. It is getting better each day so we hope to remove the isolation protocols soon. We are seeing more times when they can be together w/o playing.

We'll keep you posted on the twins as they adapt to each other and the journey to/from Raymore Missouri twice a year.
Till next time,
Bob and Jo