Monday, February 8, 2016


Currently in Goodyear AZ (Low 46 Sunny and Warm High 83) 

Shall we play a game? We know this is mean, but!

We suffered through the summer in the Valley of the Sun and first had 100 degrees on May 1st. Our last 100 degree day was October 14th. In between we had 106 days where it was 100 degrees or higher. One day we hit 117 which is one of the hottest days ever here. All the while we heard how much cooler it was in other parts of the country. So here it is, payback!

The game is called "Pick A Forecast".

How about Minneapolis?

Perry, Iowa?

Pella, Iowa?

Overland Park, KS?

Or where we are, the Phoenix area?

Hope you enjoyed the game. We are enjoying the weather but it is a little early in the winter to be having 80s. Who knows, we may have to run the air conditioner today :-)

Till next time,

Bob and Jo