Friday, June 24, 2016


Currently in Elkhart IN (Low 60 Sunshine and Patchy Clouds High 83) 

We really needed a win and we got one yesterday. We have blogged about our trouble with the Bigfoot automatic hydraulic levelers. We have had the system for a year and a half and we have successfully leveled automatically just twice. We have added a kill switch and replaced the sensor and panel with no luck. So yesterday we drove to White Pidgeon Michigan about 30 minutes away to Quadra Manufacturing who builds the Bigfoot systems.

We weren't sure it would be worth the trip since Bob had just been talking to another Lifestyle owner in the RV Park in North Utica Illinois who had replaced the sensor twice and it still did not work. When we got there Kyle Rifenberg was the technician assigned to help us. Andy assisted him on a couple of things. We turned the kill switch to on and unhooked the truck. After auto leveling we were not level so Kyle began some troubleshooting. The limit switches were OK so Kyle replaced the sensor again. He then set the level manually. Now the real testing began.

The rear jacks were raised and the front jacks moved and then auto leveled again with success. Kyle then had Bob do the same thing and it auto leveled again. Kyle then had Jo do the same thing and it auto leveled again, surpassing the total number of successful levels since we got it in February 2015.

The success continued once we got back to the Elkhart Campground and it leveled again. That makes it 4 straight times, even after traveling, although a short distance.

We needed a win and we got one!  

Till next time,

Bob and Jo