Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Currently in North Utica IL (Low 61 Partly Sunny and Less Humid High 83) 

We feel like we must have a target painted on the RVs that we have owned. First it was the broken window incident on the Cameo in 2012 where a weedeater flung a rock breaking a window, turning a one week stay into a 7 week stay. Bob was sitting at the dinette table when it hit that window, luckily just breaking the outer pane.

Yesterday Jo was talking to her brother when she said it sounded and felt like we had been hit by a gunshot. This time it wasn't a weedeater, this time it was a mower that flung a rock into our door of our Lifestyle.

If someone had been in the path of the rock it would have done some serious damage. The park contacted their insurance company and the agent came out and took pictures. We are supposed to hear today about the claim. We plan on continuing our adventure tomorrow heading to Elkhart Indiana.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Well, dang, that's terrible. Hopefully, the park's insurance will be there on time and settle quickly. Glad no one was hurt.

  2. Holy cow. That is just terrible. Hope you can get it fixed in Elkhart. No mowing or weed eating in the desert.

  3. Oh wow....so very glad neither of you were close to that door. Paul just hates when they have to mow!