Friday, February 22, 2013

Storm Report

Peculiar MO (Low 20 Becoming Clear High 28)

We don't know the official totals yet but unofficial estimates are that the snowfall total yesterday for our area was 10-12".  There was some lightning flashes and thunder during the snowstorm which was kind of weird to experience. 

We cannot take credit for the following photo but since it involved a cat and snow we just had to use it.

"While having breakfast, Kansas City Star videographer Todd Feeback snapped a photo of his cat looking out the window. Then he did the same thing at lunch. Here they are, five hours apart."
We will probably just take it easy today although Bob will have to go outside for just a bit. We, meaning he, lost track of when to dump the black tank and of course the burping started last night. For the non-RVers when the black tank that contains sewage starts getting full the pressure in the tank causes a burping effect while flushing. This is good because at least you know when the tank is getting full but also bad because it always seems to happen about 10 in the evening. In addition to the black tank he will check the big propane tank level and fill the bird feeders.
Just another fun day living full-time in 359 sq. ft. in the winter. We cannot wait until we can spend more time outside because we are really starting to get that closed in feeling.
Till next time,
Bob and Jo

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Big Storm on the Way?

Peculiar MO (Low 21 p.m. icy mix with snow later High 31)

There is a "Big Storm" on the way they have been talking about for awhile which makes us wonder if it will be as bad as they say. Seems like the "Big Storms" always seem to peter out but who knows about this one. Our forecast is for 3" to 6" before it is over Thursday night with parts of the metro getting over a foot. The nice thing about being retired is that we will just wait it out catching up on TV shows.

Mr. & Mrs. Downy - We caught this great photo today of the male and female downy woodpeckers at one of our bird feeders in our backyard bird cafe.

The male has the red cap. Downys look alot like the hairy woodpeckers but the hairy is bigger and has a longer beak.

We also remembered we forgot to mention that chickadees are among the many birds in our backyard.

We'll let you know how much snow we get from the "Big Storm".

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We Are Not Completely Sold on LED

Peculiar  MO (Low 27 Mostly Sunny High 52)

We have tried, we really have, but we are not completely sold on LED bulbs. Since we do not boondock, which in the RV world is living completely off the grid with no electrical, water or sewer hookups which utilizes a lot of battery power, we just don't need the main advantage of LED light bulbs which is the lower power consumption. The other advantages are that they are easier to change since you don't need to worry about oils from your fingers frying the halogen bulbs and that they give off a lot less heat because of the lower power consumption.

We first tried some very high priced bulbs (>$25/bulb) and we just didn't like the type of light that they provide, we don't feel they are as bright even though they may have had the rating we were looking for. A representative at Light Bulbs Etc., the retail outlet for Light Bulbs Direct,, told us that the LED light just does not carry as well as the halogen bulbs we were replacing. Now LED bulbs are also supposed to last a lot longer than halogen but ours failed a little after a year which incidentally was the warranty period.

Next we tried some cheaper versions we found on E-Bay and again we just did not like the light provided, although it was slightly different than the very expensive ones.

We did mention that we were not completely sold on LED but there is one area where LED is performing better than halogen and that is the three bulbs above the sink area in the kitchen. These were always failing but the LEDs have much longer life. It is a much shorter distance from the bulb to the first surface it touches so the fact that the light does not carry as well is not that big of a factor.

Since we are in the area where Light Bulbs Etc. is located we recently visited there and got ten of the 10w bulbs and 6 of the 20w bulbs. The total price for this was a little over $30 or a little more than 1 LED and we got 16 bulbs. Until the price of LED comes down and the light they provide is better we think we will remain as mostly halogen bulb users.

Before we go here is a picture of one of our cats, JJ, sleeping under a piece of fleece. He likes to tunnel under the fleece sometimes and catch some Zs.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our Backyard Bird Cafe

Peculiar MO (Low 22 Mostly Sunny and Mild High 53)

Subtitled: Small House - Big Backyard

We have added bird feeders to our Backyard Bird Cafe. If we are going to be stuck in the Kansas City area this winter we might as well get a little enjoyment wherever we can find it. We saw another RV'er put out his bird feeders shortly after we started full-timing and that inspired us to get a bird feeder we could hang on the ladder, showing here with winter in full bloom.

We got the bird feeder for the cats but truth be told we think we enjoy it as much or more than the cats. We added a shepherds pole and another feeder and that did us for awhile. While here we decided to go all out and added a sock, small suet and large cage for woodpecker cakes. Here is all the feeders in our 'backyard'.

This winter has been a good birding adventure as we have seen 4 woodpecker varieties; the downy, common flicker, red bellied, and hairy. Along with the woodpeckers we have seen the tufted titmouse, cardinals, juncos, American goldfinch in winter plumage, also the starlings in winter plumage, sparrows, blue jays, and possibly others.

Here is the downy woodpecker.


Here is the red bellied woodpecker.

Here is the common flicker.

Here is the hairy woodpecker.

Don't get us wrong we wish we could see these birds in a warmer climate but it has been a bright spot in a winter with not too many bright spots.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo