Thursday, November 14, 2013


Abilene TX (Low 33 Mostly Cloudy Rain Later High 55)

It took a week but we got our new valences and shades. 

Here is the before picture.

The old valences have been removed.

The old day/night shades have been removed.

The new day/night shades have been installed. 

We were really conflicted Monday morning and everything happened so fast. MCD measures and says that with our existing valences we may see light between the rolls and that we definitely will see shade below the valences. We weren't sure if would like more woodwork but we knew we would not like to see light. We took the plunge and we are glad that we did. You can see the light between the lower night shade and the upper day shade in the photo above. Bob measured and there would have been a gap with light showing with our old valences. The clean look of the new valences is what we were hoping for. Here are the new valences, stained to match the woodwork.

It was a hectic week but we are so glad that we did this, both the MCD day/night shades and the new valences from Solid Woodworking.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Looks wonderful and you will love them even more the longer you have them.

  2. Looks great, guess your glad they are completed.

  3. I really like your new window treatment.... gives me some ideas for our own rig. The fabric (or whatever they're made of) valances just collect dust. Yours look so nice!

  4. Over the last couple of years I've slowly been replacing those awful pleated shades with MCDs. I think it has been one of my better decisions. :)