Saturday, November 23, 2013


San Angelo TX (Low 26 Freezing Sleet High 31)

BWE - Baskerville Weather Effect

Unlike the PDD the BWE affects more than just Bob and Jo. For the BWE to affect Bob and Jo other parts of the country are also affected. Right now San Angelo TX is experiencing below normal temperatures and freezing sleet. For that to happen the cold front has to move a long way south

We apologize to all those affected by the BWE.

Some random thoughts:
- if you are heading south for the winter and see "Watch for Ice on Bridge" signs you are not far enough south.  
- this looks like a scene from the movie "The Birds", a very large gathering of black birds at the San Angelo KOA

- slideout motor will probably be installed Monday and Tuesday we will head further south.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Just make sure you head due south and not southeast. Keep that BWE with you. Cold rain here on the upper coast too.

  2. For awhile there I thought you guys were in AZ cause the weather has been so lousy. Are you sure you didn't come visit while waiting for that motor? At least we didn't get that cold.

  3. The BWE is here in PA 20* last night with 35 mph winds and gust to 45 mph.. Expected to be in the teens tonight but less winds. Still to cold. Hope to leave here next Monday.