Sunday, November 10, 2013


Abilene TX (Low 48 Partly Sunny High 68)

We left Camp MCD yesterday with our new shades and valences but not without yet another problem. Our slideout motor made a clicking noise and would not retract. Thankfully Peggy from MCD and her husband, who live fulltime in their RV in the MCD parking lot, were there and we forced the slide in. We will get it taken care of down the road. 

It was about 200 miles from McKinney to Abilene. With all the rain and cold and needing to be in our Cameo when the valences were removed and then when the valences and shades were installed we did no sightseeing in McKinney. We wanted to be in our Cameo so the cats did not get out. That is a shame because it looks like a neat area.

We hope to do a better job of sightseeing in Abilene although we originally were 'planning' on 3 nights there but we shall see what happens with our slide repair. We will leave you with a photo of a noisy Swan Goose and duck friend that live next to our parking spot in Camp MCD.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. If I recall when we were in Abilene there was a airbase near by that had a flight path over the RV Park we were staying at. Hope you can get the slide fix without much delay. I keep hoping we don't have to stay here in PA over the winter. I may need some cold weather camping tips from someone I know that got to spend the winter in a cold climate.

  2. Every time I pass near that town I start singing, ♪ "Abilene, Abilene, prettiest town that I've ever seen..." Hope people there don't treat you mean, down in Abilene. ♫

  3. As much as we have traveled Texas, we have yet visited Abilene. Looking forward to seeing what you discover.

    Good luck with the slide.

  4. Sometimes it seems we just move from one issue to another with the rig. Sure hope they figure out your slide problem and get it fixed easily.