Sunday, November 3, 2013


McKinney TX (Low 43 Sunny High 66)

On the road again, without the benefit of a GPS, or a brain as it turns out. MCD makes the point to don't use the GPS for directions to their facility. Well Bob completely ignored the GPS when it advised to head towards McKinney. Samantha, the GPS voice, was annoying Tiger who was riding with us for the first time in the truck so we turned her off. Here is Tiger on Bob's lap.

We are not blaming Tiger at all, Bob simply forgot the slight detail to get off I-35 onto Highway 75, which is what Samantha was trying to tell us. He made the mistake of pointing to his head and said we don't need the GPS I have it all up here, nothing up there as it turns out :-( 

Here we are parked at Camp MCD. Backed up to a field which is nice for our back windows so the cats can see out. 

We are parked next to the MCD factory.

We arrived Saturday so we could be setup, 50a electric only, and be able to watch the Kansas City Chiefs football play at noon today. In addition to getting new shades we plan to checkout Southfork, Kennedy sites in Dallas, downtown McKinney looks neat, and maybe other things.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. The place looks pretty empty, but it'll probably fill up today. MCD is a pretty busy place! They offer a factory tour one afternoon (Monday or Tuesday when we were there last year.) which we found quite interesting. We enjoyed a great breakfast at Spoon's Cafe in downtown McK. Enjoy your stay...and your shades! (We do!)

  2. It really worries me when either Jim or I say, we've got it all in there. Somehow our brains just don't retain like they used to. So if the directions say, don't use GPS, I write it all down and keep it in front of me. Glad you're there and that all goes well with your shades.

  3. I think you're going to like your new shades!

  4. We have a love/hate affair with our GPS know as "Destiny".