Saturday, November 16, 2013


Abilene TX (Low 58 Partial Sunshine High 83)

We are now on Plan C for our slide repair. Here is a brief review, more like an ongoing saga. We seem to have a lot of ongoing sagas anymore. As you recall when we were leaving MCD after getting our new day/night shades and valences one of our slides would not go in. Bob had read enough forums to know that if there are people around you can usually push the slide in with the motor switch on. We were able to do that so we got on the road to Abilene. Bob crawled underneath and it looked like the teeth were aligned enough to work.

When we called the mobile service company last Sunday we were told it would be a week before they could even look at it. But when we told them we were serious we were told he might be able to get out Wednesday. Monday we get a call and a tech can come by later that day, our first bit of good news. He comes out and we try the slide and he says bad motor and clutch assembly. They have trouble finding the clutch assembly and want to take another look at it which they do Thursday morning. Thursday afternoon we get a call and they are going to pass on it as a mobile job, they would have to do it at their shop and they are 2 weeks out plus they would probably need it for a few day. Not going to work for us fulltimers.

He says that in San Angelo TX about 90 miles away there is a RV dealer that used to sell Carriages and they would probably be familiar with slide problems on Carriages. Bob calls them right away and not only a former Carriage dealer but also very familiar with the Carriage slides. To top it off they also travel to Abilene, expensive but they travel. So Monday morning about 10a the tech will get here and fix the slide. He is supposed to have everything in his truck to fix it on this visit, although there is always a chance it might take a second visit.

What are the Plans you ask? Plan A would be to force the slide in each time and get it fixed while in Goodyear Arizona. We thought about this but decided against it because we could not always count on somebody being around when ready to leave. Plus when you think of the average age of the fellow RV'ers at this time of the year you can encounter bad hearts, bad backs, bad knees, etc. We are saving the Plan A corollary option of manual cranking the slide in when money won't be able to solve the problem. Because of the uncertainty of Plan A we went with Plan B.

Plan B was the mobile service option in Abilene. Plan C is mobile service from San Angelo.

We shall see Monday, it's only money right :-)

Before we leave we will tease you with a couple of photos from our visit to the Abilene Zoo, we will have a more detailed blog entry later. Here is Bob at the entrance.

It finally was a nice day after all the cold and rain we have had here, in fact it turned out to be a beautiful day.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Thank goodness you found a person who is very familiar with the Carriage. Paul wrote down San Angelo. If you get a chance, could you either include the name of the company in a blog or email me the name. We always like to keep a list of places we can count on for any fixes we might need. Thanks.

  2. Wow is this plan D. What a dilemma. Can you travel to the dealer in San Angelo? Maybe save a few bucks and now your at the shop if they need something else.