Monday, November 4, 2013


McKinney TX (Low 37 Rain High 63)

It is not always as easy as you think it will be, why is that? We need new valences, that was the shocking conclusion today. Turns out the hardware for the new shades will hang slightly lower that our valences which curve upward in the middle. We would end up with exposed hardware which we probably could live with but also with light showing through which we could not.

So it was a hectic morning here at Camp MCD, which is a lot fuller than it was on Saturday when we got here.

Luckily there is a RV wood worker in the area and even more luckier he was at Camp MCD working on another RV. We got a quick bid from him after our shades were measured. Looks like both new shades and valences will be installed on Friday.

After all this was completed we headed to Bill Smith Cafe in McKinney for a great lunch, we will have a few more meals here that is for sure. Then to our home away from home, Wal-Mart, for some shopping. Since it is raining that will be the extent of our day and we shall see what the rest of the week holds for us.

Luckily this was yet another problem that money could solve. We seem to have had a lot of those type problems lately.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I hope it was a good crop on that money tree you have. But look at it this way, you are helping the U.S. economy.

  2. Wow...never thought of the valences not fitting. We were going to have those shades installed in our MH the next time we got to Texas. As luck would have it, we sold the MH before our next trip. Right now we are happy with our shades in the 5er.

    Good luck with the install.

  3. Money definitely can solve a lot of issues with our rolling homes but you are sooo going to love your new shades.

  4. You are right. It never seems to be easy.

  5. There always seems to be something! Was it Peg that wrote up the order? If you see her, be sure to tell her "hi" from the gals in the Blue Allegro Bay from 2010! We had the whole shebang done--and thoroughly enjoyed them (as you well know!), then traded the rig in for our Phaeton in 2011....! We were at their first location--they moved the end of that summer, and the Paws were Bandit and Rusty....We DO like MCD over Auto Motion shades....! Our current rig has MCD shades front driver and passenger side only--rest are Auto Motion shades.....sigh....! You will enjoy them! You really are putting the icing on the cake with your home remodel!!!!