Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our Backyard Bird Cafe

Peculiar MO (Low 22 Mostly Sunny and Mild High 53)

Subtitled: Small House - Big Backyard

We have added bird feeders to our Backyard Bird Cafe. If we are going to be stuck in the Kansas City area this winter we might as well get a little enjoyment wherever we can find it. We saw another RV'er put out his bird feeders shortly after we started full-timing and that inspired us to get a bird feeder we could hang on the ladder, showing here with winter in full bloom.

We got the bird feeder for the cats but truth be told we think we enjoy it as much or more than the cats. We added a shepherds pole and another feeder and that did us for awhile. While here we decided to go all out and added a sock, small suet and large cage for woodpecker cakes. Here is all the feeders in our 'backyard'.

This winter has been a good birding adventure as we have seen 4 woodpecker varieties; the downy, common flicker, red bellied, and hairy. Along with the woodpeckers we have seen the tufted titmouse, cardinals, juncos, American goldfinch in winter plumage, also the starlings in winter plumage, sparrows, blue jays, and possibly others.

Here is the downy woodpecker.


Here is the red bellied woodpecker.

Here is the common flicker.

Here is the hairy woodpecker.

Don't get us wrong we wish we could see these birds in a warmer climate but it has been a bright spot in a winter with not too many bright spots.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Great photos. I love looking at birds but only can identify a Robin, and a Blue Jay. How bad is that?

    1. Give yourself more credit, you probably can identify a Cardinal too

  2. What are you feeding the woodpeckers? It must be good because you seem to have attracted lots of them!

    1. A variety does the trick. The big cake is a woodpecker or songbird blend, the suet is a high energy cake, the bird seed is wild bird seed with sunflower seeds added if not enough.

  3. We talked about getting one we have a lot of birds up here also a lot of grey rats running around..