Friday, February 22, 2013

Storm Report

Peculiar MO (Low 20 Becoming Clear High 28)

We don't know the official totals yet but unofficial estimates are that the snowfall total yesterday for our area was 10-12".  There was some lightning flashes and thunder during the snowstorm which was kind of weird to experience. 

We cannot take credit for the following photo but since it involved a cat and snow we just had to use it.

"While having breakfast, Kansas City Star videographer Todd Feeback snapped a photo of his cat looking out the window. Then he did the same thing at lunch. Here they are, five hours apart."
We will probably just take it easy today although Bob will have to go outside for just a bit. We, meaning he, lost track of when to dump the black tank and of course the burping started last night. For the non-RVers when the black tank that contains sewage starts getting full the pressure in the tank causes a burping effect while flushing. This is good because at least you know when the tank is getting full but also bad because it always seems to happen about 10 in the evening. In addition to the black tank he will check the big propane tank level and fill the bird feeders.
Just another fun day living full-time in 359 sq. ft. in the winter. We cannot wait until we can spend more time outside because we are really starting to get that closed in feeling.
Till next time,
Bob and Jo


  1. Glad to hear you guys are surviving this storm okay. And you are so right - either the tank needs to be dumped or the propane runs out in the middle of the night. We are warming up a wee bit here so hopefully we can send you some of the sunshine - after we get enough that is. lol

  2. Your life sounds just like ours. Our black tank starts burping on Thursday and I dump it every Friday. Well today I had to go out and walk the dogs and came back in and sat down and forgot to dump it. Guess T will be going back out:(

  3. Glad all is "well" with you guys after that storm! Our "white out"--for about 10 minutes--was very small compared to the real stuff! We have had snow, and cold--but the sun DOES come out, with temps warming quickly--and those "cold" days are few--with "cold" relative! A frozen faucet one morning is nothing compared to what you guys have experienced this winter! Sending warm thoughts to you both, AND Sandra and JJ!

  4. We didn't get the snow but got the ice instead. (IN) Fun fun! Just staying in and "looking" out like you guys. My husband brother and his wife used to live in Peculiar. I'll bet they are glad they don't any longer. :)