Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We Are Not Completely Sold on LED

Peculiar  MO (Low 27 Mostly Sunny High 52)

We have tried, we really have, but we are not completely sold on LED bulbs. Since we do not boondock, which in the RV world is living completely off the grid with no electrical, water or sewer hookups which utilizes a lot of battery power, we just don't need the main advantage of LED light bulbs which is the lower power consumption. The other advantages are that they are easier to change since you don't need to worry about oils from your fingers frying the halogen bulbs and that they give off a lot less heat because of the lower power consumption.

We first tried some very high priced bulbs (>$25/bulb) and we just didn't like the type of light that they provide, we don't feel they are as bright even though they may have had the rating we were looking for. A representative at Light Bulbs Etc., the retail outlet for Light Bulbs Direct,, told us that the LED light just does not carry as well as the halogen bulbs we were replacing. Now LED bulbs are also supposed to last a lot longer than halogen but ours failed a little after a year which incidentally was the warranty period.

Next we tried some cheaper versions we found on E-Bay and again we just did not like the light provided, although it was slightly different than the very expensive ones.

We did mention that we were not completely sold on LED but there is one area where LED is performing better than halogen and that is the three bulbs above the sink area in the kitchen. These were always failing but the LEDs have much longer life. It is a much shorter distance from the bulb to the first surface it touches so the fact that the light does not carry as well is not that big of a factor.

Since we are in the area where Light Bulbs Etc. is located we recently visited there and got ten of the 10w bulbs and 6 of the 20w bulbs. The total price for this was a little over $30 or a little more than 1 LED and we got 16 bulbs. Until the price of LED comes down and the light they provide is better we think we will remain as mostly halogen bulb users.

Before we go here is a picture of one of our cats, JJ, sleeping under a piece of fleece. He likes to tunnel under the fleece sometimes and catch some Zs.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We are also not sold on LED bulbs. We use them, but I, particularly, don't think they give off enough light. As I get older, I notice I need more light. LED is not the answer.

    JJ looks so cute under that blanket.

  2. JJ is adorable. I have a soft spot for kitties!