Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Big Storm on the Way?

Peculiar MO (Low 21 p.m. icy mix with snow later High 31)

There is a "Big Storm" on the way they have been talking about for awhile which makes us wonder if it will be as bad as they say. Seems like the "Big Storms" always seem to peter out but who knows about this one. Our forecast is for 3" to 6" before it is over Thursday night with parts of the metro getting over a foot. The nice thing about being retired is that we will just wait it out catching up on TV shows.

Mr. & Mrs. Downy - We caught this great photo today of the male and female downy woodpeckers at one of our bird feeders in our backyard bird cafe.

The male has the red cap. Downys look alot like the hairy woodpeckers but the hairy is bigger and has a longer beak.

We also remembered we forgot to mention that chickadees are among the many birds in our backyard.

We'll let you know how much snow we get from the "Big Storm".

Till next time,

Bob and Jo



  1. That is a beautiful photo of Mr. and Mrs.

    Hope the storm passes you by!

  2. Yep! We are sending it to you! For a couple of minutes here at North Ranch this morning we almost had a white out! :) All is gone now, pavement is dry, sun is out, and we can even see the mountains surrounding us....the highest one are indeed white-capped! Let's hope it loses it "umpf" before it hits you guys!

  3. Cool shot of both of them at a seed feeder! :)

  4. Hey come north we are looking at 8 to 12 inch.

  5. Our storm is headed your way. The Superstitions were covered with snow today. Hopefully I'll get a picture posted tonight on the blog. They were beautiful. Snow in Scottsdale on the 101. Here in AJ we just got rain down on the valley floor. Be safe. Love that picture of your birds.