Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Added California and Nevada

Peculiar (Low 23 High 31 Snow ending, getting much colder)

Did we say Bob has a severe case of hitch itch :-) 

He has been planning out our summer travels and also getting ahead of the game on the "Our Google Maps - Places to See and Eat" area of our blog. He has added California and Nevada, places that we will not see for at least another year.

Why go to all this work you say, well if all goes well he will convert the Google Maps into POI files for our Garmin. So not only will the info on all the sites he has collected over the years be available online for planning purposes we will be able to easily drive to these spots too. 

Expect a future blog posting on his progress on converting these maps.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Paul also enjoys planning way in advance. We usually do a ton of changing, but it is fun to see where we might go.

  2. I too love to plan. But it has been just one trip at a time. Well in advance, with reservations, but well in advance.