Sunday, June 18, 2017


Currently in Golden CO (Low 53 Mostly Sunny Currently 64)
Heading to Aurora CO (Currently 66 Mostly Sunny High 81) 

Both of our GPS devices brought us right to the Dakota Ridge RV Park in Golden Colorado. We were a little disappointed when we got to our site and it was barely long enough for our RV and truck. Plus it was on the end of a row right next to a noisy street. We had made our reservation well in advance and we know that they don't guarantee a specific site we seemed to get no benefit from reserving early except for having a site. At least the site had a good line of sight for our roof mounted satellite dish.

Here is the Lifestyle from the front.

To the right showing the busy street through the trees.

To the left.

From the rear.

As you can see the sites are close together. Adding to our discomfort the park is kind of hilly so we had to elevate our entrance more than with any other park in almost 8 years of fulltiming.

The location of this park is pretty good and although we were a little miffed about the site initially we ended up having an interesting week. Tiger, one of our cats, was fine last Sunday and then overnight got real sick and didn't eat or drink at all Monday. So just before a nearby vet closed Monday we called and got an appointment Tuesday afternoon. Turns out she had an infection that needed fluids, IV antibiotics and a hospital stay of 3 nights. Although she didn't eat much while there the fluids and antibiotics kicked in and she started feeling better. Here is Bob visiting her. Let me tell you taking a selfie with a cat is fun.

We brought her home Friday afternoon and although it is not much she is eating a little and is happy to be home again. While this was going on Jo wasn't feeling well for a few days and Bob was trying to fix a toilet problem which required many visits to RV parts and hardware stores and we will blog about that later.

We depart today for a short trip to the other side of Denver, to Aurora and the Cherry Creek State Park.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. We had a very similar experience with Dakota Ridge. It is unfortunate that the RV park pickings are so poor in Denver. We stayed a couple of nights at the South Park Mobile Home and RV Park nearer downtown Denver and, while it caters mostly to long term retired folks, we found it more desirable in some ways and cheaper. (It sort of frosted me that D.R. wouldn't give us a price break for a month's stay.) South Park is an older park, but very quiet and secluded with lots of trees. Whenever we go back, we'll probably stay there. Now don't forget to stop at the Taste of Denmark Bakery; you promised you would.