Thursday, June 15, 2017


Currently in Golden CO (Low 54 Sunny High 86) 

Catching up on our stay in Rifle Colorado at the Rifle Gap State Park in the Lakeview Campground. Our GPS devices brought us right to the visitors center although slowly since our truck was in 'limp mode' due to a bad high pressure fuel pump that we blogged about earlier. 

We limped to our site and backed in and setup. The interior roads were asphalt as was our parking site. The pad for the Lifestyle was concrete. The rest of the site was gravel including the covered picnic table. The hookups were convenient and we had a great line of sight for our roof mounted satellite dish. Here is the Lifestyle from the front showing the reservoir.

To the right also showing the reservoir.

To the left.

From the rear showing the covered picnic table.

The only downside to this great park is it is in a deadzone for cellular phone and data. We had purchased a cellular booster for just such an occasion. It was a ZBoost for Verizon.

It came with an omni-directional antenna but sometimes a directional antenna is needed so we bought a CANT-0045 and this was the first time using it. We had come up with a two piece assembly using PVC pipe. We mounted a short piece to the ladder.

Then we could add a longer piece to the shorter piece when needed. Here is the longer piece with the directional antenna.

Unfortunately there was too much wind and the directional antenna is a lot heavier than the omni directional antenna so we pulled the longer piece down and mounted the antenna to the piece attached to the ladder. We went from no cellphone and data to fairly reliable cellphone service and intermittent 3g/4g. We are glad that we got the booster that allows us to camp in more remote places, especially at Rifle Gap State Park. We will be looking into a better pole arrangement for the next time we are in a deadzone.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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