Monday, June 5, 2017


Currently in Rifle CO (Low 48 Mostly Sunny High 89) 

We departed yesterday and headed to Rifle Colorado. It was very scenic driving through Utah and then western Colorado.

It was approximately 185 miles, a long trip for us recently. This is the route we took.

As we were getting closer to the campground our truck went into "limp mode" again. Of course it was on a 2 lane narrow road with no turnouts so we limped the last couple miles but finally got here. We will be here a week and are staying at the Rifle Gap State Park campground overlooking the Rifle Gap Reservoir. Here is the view out our back window.

Bob dropped the truck off this morning at the local Ford dealership, Columbine Ford. Gotta love small towns. When Bob called they said they were busy but would try to get to it today. Bob dropped it off and was given a ride back to the park. As they were getting closer Bob offered to show the receipt for the entry pass. The driver said he knew the gals that worked there so no receipt needed. Gotta love small towns.

Bob put the booster up last night and we are getting much better cellphone coverage but the 3g/4g is mostly 3g and spotty at that so not sure how much blogging we will do this week. So there may some 'catching up' blog entries in your future.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo.


  1. Oh what a beautiful site.
    So sorry to read about the truck. Hope they can get to it very quickly.

  2. We went through that limp mode a few times and it always seemed to happen on a narrow two lane road with no where to pull over. We are at Heron Lake State Park NM tonight. Really nice but we move on in the morning. We're covering about 110 miles a day which works for us. Good luck with the truck.

  3. We sure enjpyed that area when we were there some years ago. Maybe we can go thru there on our way home in a month or so. Currently in Great Falls. MT and heading farther west in the morning.