Monday, June 19, 2017


Currently in Aurora CO (Low 54 Sunny High 86) 

We departed Golden Colorado and headed yesterday to Aurora, also in Colorado. It was one of our shortest trips ever. We did this because our plans changed earlier this year and unless you make reservations in advance for the Denver area you are going to moving around if you are lucky to get a spot. It also wasn't one of our more scenic drives compared to Utah and western Colorado but it is neat to see snow capped mountains in the distance.

It was approximately 25 miles, this is the route we took.

We drove this same route last week when we went to get Jo's hair cut, believe us when we say that traveling on Sunday was better traffic wise than during the week. We are staying at the Cherry Creek State Park and will be here 5 nights.

Since it was Fathers Day weekend the line was long and then we had to wait until 1p for our site to be available.

We are awaiting our good friends Bob and Wilma who arrive today at Cherry Creek. Looking forward to spending the next few days with them.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We hate to have to travel with reservation.It lock's you into a schedule. Unfortunately at this time of the year it's almost a must. Rving has become so popular. Can't wait for the Fall.

  2. That line makes me cringe. Have a great time with your friends.