Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Currently in St. Mary MT (Low 49 Storms High 68) 

The weather yesterday was clear until about 3p so we went to Glacier National Park visitors center and then drove the Going-to-the-Sun road. We have a lot of pictures to go through for a future blog entry.

In the mean time we will review 'The Intouchables' that we saw via Netflix. We usually only review movies currently showing but this one touched us. 

We saw a trailer on another movie we got from Netflix and decided to give it a try. Face value of this movie is one that we would not like for a number of reasons. It is a foreign film with subtitles, illegal drug use, sexual situations, and profanity. In spite of all that it got a rare 5 from us on the Netflix rating system.

The subtitles didn't bother us as much as they would have. We are watching the show 'Switched at Birth' on ABC Family which deals with deaf kids and have gotten used to them. The profanity didn't bother us as much because you are hearing the French and reading the words which seemed to dull the impact.

On to the movie which is based on a true story. An ex con shows up to a job interview just to get his papers signed so he can continue to receive his benefits. The job is to care for a man paralyzed from the neck down. The man is tired of all the pity he's getting after his paragliding accident, which he gets none from the ex con, and he decides to hire him for a one month trial period.

What follows is this unlikely pair learning more about each other and becoming life long friends. It is neat at the end of the movie to see the real duo and find out what has happened in their lives since.

A tough movie to recommend so again here is your caveat emptor; foreign film with subtitles, illegal drug use, profanity. If that doesn't scare you off then give this movie a try and then let us know what you think.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We were too scared to drive Going to the Sun. We took the bus.

  2. We rented it from Netflix last year and really enjoyed it!