Monday, August 25, 2014


Currently in St. Mary MT (Low 37 Cloudy Currently 40)
Heading to Great Falls MT (Currently 48 Showers Later High 67)

Location, Location, Location! You could not ask for a better location than the Glacier Park KOA. We are very close to the east entrance of Glacier National Park. Although the weather has been cloudy and rainy every day except the day we went into the park it still has been a fun time. Jo got a lot of reading done and Bob planned more of next years big trip out east. If its going to be cloudy and rainy you could not picture a more scenic place. We especially liked the cloud formations in the surrounding area and how low hanging they were. These shots were taken out our back window.

There are not a lot of trees around so just about any site would work for our satellite dish but we have a backin with a nice view of Glacier National Park. The view to the left of GNP during a more sunny time.

Straight back from our window.

The view to the right of GNP.

Here is the Cameo in the site.

The campground to the right.

The campground to the left.

This KOA has Kabins, upscale lodging in park models that have DirecTV dishes, and tent areas. There is a nice path down to St. Mary Lake. Wish we could have done more walking and picture taking but it rained most of the time we were here.

We are off to Great Falls Montana today, Lord willing and the slideout comes in.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. My major objection to staying at a KOA is their prices. So often they are double anything else, and don't seem worth it to me. Nice to hear that someone is going east rather than west.

  2. The view is lovely. Safe travels to Great Falls.