Thursday, August 28, 2014


Currently in Great Falls MT (Low 53 Sunny to Partly Cloudy High 84) 

Consider this a call for more creativity in street names. The latest bad example is our current town of Great Falls. The streets are numeric with either a street or avenue with an occasional named street like Central. Being at the intersection of 9th and 10th just doesn't make sense and shows a complete lack of creativity.

It can also cause problems like it did for Bob yesterday. After dropping off Jo for her haircut he was going to get the truck washed. He had checked the route before he left and he knew he would be increasing in numbers along the way. He hadn't heard anything from the GPS on his smartphone for awhile and glanced at it and saw it was blank. Pulling off to the side of the road he hurriedly put in his destination again, or thought he did. He didn't worry when a couple of turns ensued figuring he had passed his turn. And he wasn't bothered when the numbers were increasing until, until that is he started recognizing features close to Jo's haircut place. He wanted to increase in Streets but was increasing in Avenues, if that makes any sense. Of course it doesn't make sense!!

Turns out the destination he hurriedly chose was the haircut place and because of construction he ended up on a different way back to the place. So he pulls off again and puts in a new destination making sure it is the truck wash place. Why can't all the towns be like Kansas City where you can stand on the corner of 12th Street and Vine? 

Not 12th Street and 12th Avenue for heavens sake. Or why can't towns be like Winslow Arizona where you can be standin' on the corner?

Jo says we just don't get out much.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. It was explained to me once that streets go one direction (like north and south) and avenues go the other (like east and west). The idea is that way you never get lost! Ha Ha!

  2. I guess growing up in Montana I don't even think about it anymore. Everything is a street or an avenue. Maybe it's because they were so busy shooting up the town that they didn't try to come up with anything else. Some of that old West stuff. Still plan on being here on the 1st? I've picked out our restaurant because it's one I really want to go to. Enzo's. Haven't been in a couple of years.

  3. Oh how funny.

    Yuma is exactly like Great Falls. But, let me add a bit more. They have 1/2 streets....9th 1/2 St. NW. We went nuts with the 1/2 crap!

  4. Fun! Oh the joys of moving around a lot, uh! See, Jo, you guys DO get out--maybe TOO much! We are late in responding to your Great Falls stay--if possible, DO go out to the falls, and there is a very nice Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center...