Saturday, May 24, 2014


Currently near Rio Vista CA (Low 57 Windy and Sunny High 86) 

We really meant to say taking it easy from sightseeing because when you live in an RV there is always something to do. And sometimes when you try to do something good something bad happens but more on that later. Besides the eating and shopping and haircut it was time to do a couple fairly major tasks.

After spending a week right next to the ocean and being in parks that don't allow rig washing it was time to give the Cameo, and the dreaded bug splattered front cap, a much need bath. After finishing that it was time to tackle a water pressure problem in the kitchen sink.

We have been in some bad water areas and we have been experiencing the buildup of the gunk in our aerators and lower pressure. A few months ago Bob took apart all the fittings underneath the sink and ran water through them and cleaned them and that work for awhile. It was time to try that again. Well he broke things free that is for sure but it broke free and clogged our check valve which prevents hot water from going back into the cold water lines.

So now we have virtually no hot water pressure. We frantically try to find a mobile RV service but both numbers we had would not return the messages we left on voicemail. We then found the part at an RV dealer about 30 miles away but by now it was too late to head in that direction. So yesterday we headed to pickup the part, having breakfast along the way. We then did other errands and headed back to the park so Bob could attempt the repair.

Bob was able to remove the anode and drain the water heater and remove the supply line but he could not remove the check valve. Of course it is in an awkward position and strain as much as he could it would not budge. By now it is late Friday afternoon on a holiday weekend so we figure we are pretty much hosed for service in this area. We put everything back together and called the next RV park we are staying at beginning Monday. They knew of a good mobile service so we called them hoping for a call on Tuesday since Monday is Memorial Day. Well God bless him he said to call as soon as we arrived Monday and we would have hot water Monday evening.

So now we get to do something we have not done since we began fulltiming almost 5 years ago and that is take a shower in the park showers. Always an adventure for sure. After all that we thought we would show a couple photos of the park here to lighten the mood. Here is Mount Diablo in the distance as you enter the park.

There was a great sunset last night over the Sacramento River.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Wow...what a nice guy. That type of help is hard to come by these days.

  2. Never a dull moment when you own a rig. It was our truck today - needs a new fuel filter. But Jim lucked out and found a place open that would take him today. Thank goodness. Sounds like you have found a winner who is willing to come out on Monday for you. Love that sunset picture.

  3. Wow, guys! A tale of frustrations for sure, BUT with a good end sounds like.

  4. Glad to hear there is still good service somewhere:)