Monday, May 12, 2014


Coarsegold CA (Low 45 Sunny Currently 49)
Moss Landing CA (Sunny High 79)

We didn't do much over the weekend so we can catch
up on our activities while in the dead zones. While in Parker Arizona we saw an incredible exhibit, so incredible and so much information we decided to break it into multiple entries. 

We visited the Da Vinci exhibit at the Blue Water Casino. We thought we knew a lot about the man, we learned even more. Here is the most famous self portrait.

Today we will detail what we knew about the man while future entries will cover what we did not know. The photos we publish in our blog will be a small portion of the total number we took. For the entire collection of Da Vinci Exhibit pictures you can go to our flickr site.

We knew about his very early work on wing design for airplanes and a very early concept of the helicopter. It was neat to see working models of them though.

He was also a sculptur, here is the model for the Storza Monument, the largest equisterian monument ever conceived.

He was also an artist, his most famous painting.

Also the Last Supper.

Being readers of science fiction we knew that he also developed a working robot, it was capable of a couple of movements and inspired Issac Asimov to write "I, Robot".

Leonardo was an amazing man, inventor and genius. Next we will explore his work related to war.

Today we head off to Moss Landing California to spend a week on the coast between Monterey and Santa Cruz.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

Our photos from our stay in Parker are on flickr in the Parker AZ 2014 set. All of our photos are located here.

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  1. What an awesome exhibit that would be to see. Glad you enjoyed it.