Saturday, May 10, 2014


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We drove to Yosemite yesterday and had a great time. Bob has quite a few photos to go through so that blog posting will be later. Today we will catch up on our recent stay near Parker Arizona and in the dead zone. 

There is a neat program at Lake Havasu that builds replica lighthouses and places them around the lake. To date there are 2 dozen lighthouses with the number growing. We took a boat tour to see Copper Canyon that included seeing about 13 lighthouses. You board the boat near the London Bridge, showing here from the boat.

The first two you see as you leave the channel and enter the lake are the East and West Quoddy Head Lighthouses. The West Quoddy Head Lighthouse is in Lubec Maine.

While the East Quoddy Head Lighthouse, or better known as the Campobello Island Lighthouse is in Canada and is the only international replica lighthouse to date. Pete from American Traveler blog has provided a lot of information on this lighthouse in his blog. We plan to visit both of these lighthouses some day.

Here are the rest of the lighthouses that we saw on our cruise. How many can you identify?

A couple of cute stories. First it is said that this palm tree planted by a local resident at this point inspired the replica lighthouse program.

Second, when the miners that were working the area many years ago left they turned their burros free. Occasionally you can see a wild burro while cruising the lake which we were lucky enough to see a few. This is the best photo. Rumors are that you can see coyote, sheep, bobcats, but we were not lucky enough to see any of those.

The cruise also takes you to Copper Canyon. We know of at least four cruises you can take; a lighthouse tour, a canyon tour, a combined lighthouse/canyon tour which we took. There is also a cruise that takes you to the casino but it only passes by the first two lighthouses.

Here is Copper Canyon. The green colored water is due to the copper in the area oxidizing in the water.

It was a great day except for it being too hot. About the last few minutes we were just hoping the cruise ended soon.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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