Monday, May 19, 2014


Currently in Moss Landing CA (Low 48 Currently Clouds and Sun 54)
Heading to Rio Vista CA (Sunny High 72) 

We drove along the coast from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay and it was beautiful. We will compare this to the Oregon coast and then the Washington coast as we continue our travels this summer.

We started out eating at a DDD place, Aldo's Harborside in Santa Cruz. We like trying out DDD places and this one was good. It is right next to the harbor and the Walton Lighthouse. Here is the lighthouse from our table.

After breakfast we walked to the lighthouse. Here is the best selfie that we ever have been able to take with the lighthouse behind us.

It was then off to the coast but first we had to endure stop and go city traffic in Santa Cruz. We are so used to living in the boonies that this traffic was a little intimidating. We made it to the coast and it sure was gorgeous.

There were beautiful flowers all along the way.

About 20 miles south of Half Moon Bay is the Pidgeon Point Lighthouse.

It was a very windy day so we got to see some kite surfing.

Here are more photos of an incredible day.

Our timing was bad for our return trip thru Santa Cruz as CA-1 was stop and go from north of Santa Cruz all the way till past the town. We hit it at 2:30 p.m. but on a Friday afternoon so maybe rush hour was a little earlier.

We head off today to Rio Vista California. It will be a little warmer here than right next to the coast that is for sure. We plan to relax after a few weeks of heavy sightseeing.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

NOTE: all our photos from our stay in Moss Landing have been uploaded to flickr in the Moss Landing 2014 set.


  1. Awesome selfie.

    The Oregon coast is very, very rugged and gorgeous!

  2. That's a great selfie. Northern California certainly rivals both Oregon and Washington for rugged beauty.

  3. Great selfie! Great pictures! That is an area we have to visit! Once again, we are taking notes from your travels! We are experiencing GREAT weather here in Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast! Will set it up so you get the same for your time here! (I can POST!! YEA!)