Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Still in Rockport, Texas

We are still in Rockport, Texas and are finally able to enjoy the area. Of the first 15 days we were here 14 and ½ of them were rainy, cold, foggy, cloudy, or all the above. While it was raining we worked on the historical review of our many trips to Albuquerque, New Mexico but to be honest we were getting a little stir crazy. We began this journey we thought rationally knowing that every day was not going to be 70º and sunny but 15 straight days of YUK was beginning to drag us down. It got so bad that after a while that even looking at the freezing temperatures up north would not console us. That is the way this roughly 3 month journey has been, every time we start feeling good about this lifestyle change then something happens to pull us back.

But then the weather broke and we are now in our 5th straight day of temperatures in the mid to high 60’s which we hear from the regular visitors to the area is pretty much normal for this time of the year. We have to say this has done wonders for our attitude and has allowed us to get out and walk around the park and along the bay. We went to a market day at the Rockport harbor and walked around the Rockport Historical District. Yesterday we went to the Mosquito National Wildlife Refuge, oops it was the Aransas NWR, but the mosquitoes were thick and we were without repellent. We got out of the car and immediately Bob’s legs were black with mosquitoes, it looked like he had pants on. We thought the mosquitoes were bad in Canada and although they are probably bigger they seemed more aggressive here. Remember the 14 days of rain while the entire area is one big swamp now. Needless to say this turned into a driving tour and although we saw an Aplomado Falcon which is fairly rare it was pretty much a bust otherwise. We wanted to see the Whooping Cranes which winter at Aransas but we would have had to gotten out of the car.

One thing the weather has not impacted and that is our ability to find good places to eat and we would like to tell you about a couple. We will publish a full review of the Rockport area after we leave but wanted to mention Alby’s which is a fresh seafood market that also is a carryout restaurant. The po boys are some of the best we have had and the fresh oysters are incredible. One meal was crawfish fettuccine and shrimp scampi ravioli which were both tasty. Surprisingly a very good southwest chicken salad is also available. The other place is Charlotte Plummers which served up a very good shrimp quesadilla and the very best oyster stew we have had.

We still have some sightseeing to do and it may be a stretch to work it all in since we had about a month of sightseeing planned out and now only 15 days or so to see it all, ah to be a full-timer.

Till next time,

Bob & Jo

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  1. Just joined your blog. We are in our second week of fulltiming and will be headed to Rockport in February. Looking forward to your reviews of the area and FOOD places.

  2. Hey Bob and Jo...I just found your blog thru the SKP's forum...welcome to Fulltiming!! And since you are CLass of 2009, welcome to the Odd Years Classes! (We are CLass of 09)
    Sure hope you can make our Fulltiming Rally in Boerne...lots of nice fulltimers and lots of fun!
    Hope to see you on the Road!
    Molly & Bob