Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Addendum to Livingston update

Some of the best advice we have received about this lifestyle has to be about what to pack first; your sense of humor, and boy did I need it tonight. As mentioned before we are heading next to Rockport Texas near Corpus Christi. Since we are leaving tomorrow we have some things we do the night before like dumping the tanks and putting up the sewer hose and king pin stabilizer. Our black tank has a spraying system and since Bob left the y-adapter back in Peculiar Missouri the city water hose needed to be disconnected so the hose used for connecting to the sprayer could be added. Bob relieved the pressure at the docking station and then went to disconnect the city water hose. Immediately there was a spray of water and Bob thought all he had to do was to loosen it more quickly so the back pressure could subside. All that accomplished was to increase the spray of water now soaking Bob's head and the side of the fifth wheel. Only then did Bob realize he forgot to turn off the water at the hydrant. By now Bob is thoroughly drenched but there is good news, when it began to rain shortly thereafter and Bob was still working outside he could not get any wetter than he already was. We are certain this is going to show up on youtube sometime soon.

Another reason for this addendum was that we forgot to mention the 146 Grocery and Deli which is close to the park. On the outside it looks like a gas station, which it actually is an Exxon, but on the inside is a grocery store, a deli that has daily lunch specials, and a small meat market that has great cuts of meat. A tip would be to get a cheeseburger from the grill because they get their meat right from the meat market. Also don't pass up the chance to get a pizza here too. The 146 Grocery and Deli has thick and thin crusts and about 10 ingredients. If you are ever in the Livingston area do not pass up the opportunity to eat at Florida's Kitchen which I mentioned previously and at the 146 Grocery and Deli on the days that Florida' is closed (Sunday-Wednesday)

Till next time,

Bob & Jo

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