Thursday, July 21, 2016


Currently in Houghton MI (Low 64 A Blend of Sun and Clouds High 87) 

As promised here is an update on the decals on the Lifestyle. Here are the decals on the front cap.

We were so happy to get a RV with full body paint because we thought that meant no longer having to deal with decals. Bob was very disappointed to learn long after we took possession that the big Lifestyle on each side was a decal along with the circular pattern on the front cap and a smaller circular on on the rear cap.

When Bob mentioned decals to Michele Henry from Phoenix Commercial Paint she immediately jumped up on the truck, we were still hooked up because we were heading to Quadra the next morning, and looked at the front decals. She quickly delivered the bad news that the circular pattern was already breaking down. She said that they should be replaced and she started right in on the front cap. The letters came off fairly easily but the circular pattern required a hair dryer.

Over the next two day Bob and Michele peeled off all of the decals and cleaned up the residual glue with alcohol. Here are a couple in-process photos. This is from the passenger side removing "Lifestyle".

The front cap

When the Lifestyle was in her shop getting the door ding fixed she hand glazed the area where the alcohol was since it dulled the area a little. Here is the front cap sans decals.

The passenger side with "Lifestyle" gone.

We are extremely happy that we won't have to deal with decaying decals down the road. We got them off soon enough that no pattern remains. In closing we would like to say that one sure way to get people to ask about your RV is to have one with no decals. It has only been a short time and yet we have had more questions about our RV than the entire year before. 

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. Our 2008 Cameo decals are showing their age. Paul has slowly taken some of them off and did a pretty good job of polishing the area. Your Lifestle looks great.