Thursday, October 31, 2013


Wichita KS (Low 51 Morning Storms)
Oklahoma City OK (Partly Sunny 69)

We are waiting for the weather to clear so we can head to Oklahoma City this morning.

Tucked inside the Coleman Outlet Store in downtown Wichita is the Coleman Musuem. At the turn of the last century W. C. Coleman saw potential in the new gas powered lights so in 1905 he demonstrated his first one.

From there they went into all things camping and to this day continually make great products. We recognized a few in this case especially the plastic drink one.

We did not know that they were big into coffee makers.

This caught our eye, a lamp with an asbestos shade.

Coleman stoves were used in WWII

In the 1930s they added electrical items.

Some more from our visit, it was great to take this trip down memory lane. 

We then of course had to buy a few things from the outlet :-)

We were happy to be able to do this sightseeing and breakfast and other shopping between the thunderstorms yesterday.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. What a neat museum. You brought back tons of memories of camping with my mom and dad.

    I never heard of a Coleman coffee pot either.

  2. Look's like a great museum. We will have to visit it in the future. Remember the lantern's and stoves, as we had both. Never knew about some of the other products.

  3. Great tour, we have to make a visit if we get back there.