Saturday, October 26, 2013


Belton MO (Low 30 Sunny High 56)

Just when we thought we were going to be able to leave and head south before it got too cold we have had more delays. The ongoing saga on our Winegard automatic satellite dish continues. We thought we had it diagnosed over the phone and what was needed was a new SWM8 switch. When the new switch was installed we still had problems so further troubleshooting resulted in a bad turret. Since it was faster to get a new one instead of the old one repaired. Well we thought it was going to be faster to get a new one but it sure takes a long time (9 days) to go 300 miles. Turret is "planned" to be delivered and then installed on Monday so we can leave on Tuesday.

Also being worked on Monday is limit switches for the Big Foot automatic levelers. Good news is that the switches have already been received.

Even though we are anxious to hit the road we are a little sad to be leaving our wonderful camping site. 

Our friends Bob and Wilma have a 50a full hookup outside their outbuilding. When we came into town to have our Cameo worked on we emptied some of the compartments and stored them temporarily in the outbuilding. We then put the stuff back in as we reorganized. 

It is incredible to have such great friends, we cannot thank them enough.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. There is always a rainbow somewhere. Glad you found yours at Bob and Wilma's.

  2. I am always shocked at how long it can take to get parts:(

  3. Know what you mean by cold weather it was 31* here last night. Hope you can get to warn weather soon. We'll be here in PA till the end of November. Travel safe

  4. Fingers crossed that you get out of there on Tuesday. I know it's a wonderful place to stay but the road is calling.