Monday, October 14, 2013


Belton MO (Low 46 Storms in the area High 70)

We struggled with the decision to get a dishwasher when we ordered the Cameo 4 years ago. We weren't sure we would be able to use the convection oven so we didn't order a dishwasher then. As time went on two things happened; the first is that we started using the propane oven as another pantry because of the second thing. The second thing being that in 4 years we probably only used the propane oven 3 times because we used and like the convection oven so much.

We figured that if we were going to be homeless for a month or so maybe we should have something to look forward to like a new dishwasher. Here is the Magic Chef propane cooktop/oven that came with the Cameo.

An in-progress shot of the Magic Chef removed and the dishwasher sliding in.

More progress is being made here, but more work needs to be done on the new cooktop and the counter is cluttered with stuff from the cabinets and island.

The work is all done.

We look forward to many dishwasher cycles in the future.

Here is a good shot of the new refrigerator and dishwasher together.

This one shows the new vinyl floor and new carpet. We had the vinyl put on both sides of the island like they are doing in the new Lifestyle RVs and the Mobile Suites that we have seen. Should be easier to keep clean as you will step on vinyl flooring instead of carpet as you enter the room.

We are very happy with the work done by A-Z Mobile RV in Paola Kansas at their shop location, and any time we have had them for mobile service. If ever in the Kansas City area we highly recommend these guys.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Looks really nice. We don't have a convection oven but I know folks who really like theirs.

  2. Wonderful improvements.

    I WANT that refrigerator....can you tell I am a bit jealous?!

  3. Looks super. I'm sure your will enjoy both. Like the flooring going around the island.

  4. Everything looks great! We're so happy you are pleased with the work at A-Z. We love them!

  5. Looking good!!!! No more rattling from the oven! What happens if the dish washer is not emptied...?! You will LOVE that refrigerator! LOTS of room for Tillamook products next summer!