Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We Have a Bad Case of "Hitch Itch" - We Made Our First Camping Reservation!

Peculiar MO (Low 11 Partly Sunny High 32)

Even though this has been a cold winter for most everyone except those in Florida, and even though we would be freezing our butts off in Goodyear Arizona (our usual winter location) right now, we still have a bad case of "hitch itch".

Here is a photo of the most recent snowstorm on Saturday, January 12th that contributes to our condition.

It was a weird couple of days. We got about 3" of snow the day after it was almost 60 degrees. Just a few miles north of us and there was no snow at all.

Bob has been obsessively going over our plans after we leave here. Since we are so close to our summer destination on the Upper Peninsula we are going to stay until early April. We will spend April and early May hopscotching around Iowa visiting relatives and friends. We even made our first reservation of the year near Pella Iowa for Tulip Time since that is a well attended event. This early in the camping year that is probably the only reservation we may need except for Memorial Day. 

We plan to spend from just after Memorial Day to mid August in Houghton Michigan recuperating from our winter experience.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Good way to keep yourself occupied until that snow melts. Route your trip and then reroute the trip. Stay warm my friend.

  2. Will you be in the U.P. in late September? We plan to spend mid-Sept. to mid-Oct. in Michigan and the U.P.

    1. We will be in the UP until mid to late August.

  3. We gotlucky on that last snow and had none..its still cold

  4. We "feel" for you guys! We've had a cold spell here--down to 18 degrees for a couple of nights. We drove down to Tucson, so turned off the knife switch on our water and wrapped it....Upon our return last Saturday the plastic (first clue!) knife switch hard to turn back on, then only a smattering of water...Yesterday we picked up supplies to replace water spigots and removed the plastic knife switch section. Works fine now! We have learned that when freezing temps come, to shut the water off at the meter! The joys of lot ownership! We still have not experienced what you guys have this winter! Presently, we are enjoying nights in the low 40's, high 30's, and high 60's low 70's during the day! We can put up with a few cold days for this! Stay warm! Rupert and Bitty send their love!