Thursday, September 6, 2012

Too Hot For Anything But Movies

Prior Lake MN (Partly Sunny and Pleasant High 79 Low 52)

With temps in the high 80s and humid we decided the last couple of days to go to a movie. The first one we saw was "The Bourne Legacy".

Carrying on the Jason Bourne story but without Jason Bourne. The mad scientists are at it again and this time it is Aaron Cross played by Jeremy Renner that is the guinea pig. The good about this movie is that there are some characters from the Jason Bourne trilogy that are mentioned so you have some familiarity with the storyline. Plus this is an action movie so there is a lot of chases and fights. The stunt sliding down between two walls close together was pretty neat. We really like Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner so that helped too.

The bad is that it took a while to get going at the beginning and it lagged a little in the middle, probably about 15 minutes too long of a movie. In our 5 star Netflix-type ranking we give it 3 stars - Liked It. Not as good as any of the Jason Bourne trilogy but still a good movie and it was air conditioned and the popcorn was good.

Next we saw "Hope Springs" with Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep. 

A heartfelt story of an old married couple seeking therapy from a counselor played by Steve Carrell. We laughed, we cried and we smiled throughout the movie so it touched us. There were a couple scenes that made us uncomfortable but all in all a good movie. In our Netflix-type ranking we give it 4 stars - Really Liked It.

Looks like the heat wave has broke here which must mean it is time to move to where it is hotter :-(

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Thanks for the reviews! We are thinking about going to see The Bourne Legacy next week. We saw Hope Springs last week. Very well done, but I did blush!

  2. I would like to see Hope Springs but Paul...not so much. I love Meryl Streep. I have never seen her do anything but great acting. One of my to Diana Keaton.

  3. No heat wave here in Idaho today. We may even get some rain - big maybe. I really want to see Hope Springs but will probably wait til it gets to the $3 theater in Mesa.