Saturday, September 8, 2012

On The Move Again - to Des Moines IA area

Altoona IA (Pleasant and Warmer High 78 Low 46)

We left yesterday, Friday September 7th, and drove to Adventureland Campground at the Adventureland Park in the Des Moines area. It was about 230 miles but it was mostly interstate which helps on what is becoming one of our longer trips. We like to keep them under 200 miles but we have family and friends to see in the area so we went a little further.

Here is the route we took

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Our old friend our roof mounted satellite dish played a part in selecting our park, actually changing it at the last minute. Our two other options in the metro area, Walnut Woods State Park and Cuttys Resort (where we stayed at last year), both have significant trees making satellite reception difficult. Bob has a football game Saturday (Iowa State) and we both have Sunday (Kansas City Chiefs) that were not going to be on local stations. We were assured that they had spots that the dish would work and when we arrived the dish setup with no problem so we are happy campers, so to speak. It was raining and windy with temps in the high 50s when we setup so we setup in record time.

The DVR programs are set and we are ready to enjoy a few days in the Des Moines area, now if our teams can win it will be even better.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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