Friday, September 21, 2012

Not a Success Story on New Cat Litter

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Since we are in the Kansas City area which we lived in for so many years we have a lot to do while in the area like Doctor's appointments and meeting family and friends. This is one of the very few times where we have to break out our calendars so we don't schedule things on top of each other. So our blogging will be light for the next few weeks.

We generally like to give tips on gadgets that make our full-timing lifestyle more fun like the Oxygenics Body Spa showerhead that we did recently. Now we want to tell about a product testing that did not go well, Cat's Pride Fresh and Light Cat Litter.

We are always on the look for a better cat litter and we thought we had a winner. We saw it featured on "Must Love Cats" on Animal Planet and decided to give it a try. Fresh and Light is dust free which is a big plus when living in a small fifth wheel. It is also lighter than other cat litters. The same size box of other cat litters is about 28 pounds and it is 20 pound for Fresh and Light, which is also a big plus.

So far so good but here is where our results did not match tightly controlled testing. On the show they show how it clumped better and had better odor control. Without the dust when the urine is right up against the box the litter does not clump as good as other litters. This might contribute to the biggest downfall of the litter, odor control. Because it was so light and dust free we tried real hard to like this litter but finally gave up and switched back to our old standby, Scoop Away Multi-Cat. We read the labels and it is supposed to be 99.9% dust free while the others said 99.3% or 99.6% dust free, not 100% dust free but pretty darn good and the odor control is MUCH better. We already have noticed a difference and are glad we switched back.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. No need for cat litter at our house but when it's pouring rain I almost wish there was. Good review and I know there are lots of cat owners out there that will appreciate it.