Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tip - We have new portable chairs

When we were in Arizona our friends, Paws and Friends, showed us their new chairs, the Strongback Chair. The timing was pretty good as one of the rockers that we bought from Camping World the fabric had started to rip. The problem with most Camping World chairs is that the fabric is sewn around the frame so you need to find a good reupholstering place, or do as we did for a short term fix, duct tape. Or should I say Gorilla Tape, which is duct tape on steroids and our new favorite tape.

The timing on seeing these chairs was not so good as we were about to leave Arizona so we couldn't order them right away like we wanted to. We waited until we got to the KC area and ordered them and they recently arrived.

These chairs fold up nicely and fit into a canvas bag for easy storage when traveling. But the best part of these chairs are that they are SOOOOO comfortable. A great day for us is to just sit outside and read. While the Camping World chairs are nice you got a little sore after a while and had to get up and stretch. With these chairs the back is supported, hence the name strongback, and we don't get the stiffness and soreness that we did with the old chairs, which are now our guest chairs, so sorry guests :-)

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We'll have to check these out. Jim's back really bothers him after sitting for a short while and this just might be the answer for him. Thanks.

  2. A friend just gave me a strong back chair, and you're right. They sure are comfortable. :) I usually can't stand those chairs in a bag.

  3. Super! They are featured in the lastest Escapees magazine. Enjoy! We can compare notes on these chairs this fall at Destiny!