Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tip - Perfect Trash Bag for RVs

With the full-timing RV lifestyle of being on the go a lot and eating out a lot we certainly generate a lot less trash than we used to in our old sticks and bricks. But with cleaning the litter boxes for three cats that join us on our adventure one thing you do not want is a trash bag that breaks or leaks.

We have found the perfect trash bag that fits the small trash container found in most RVs. A bag that is thick and stretchable, the Glad ForceFlex Medium Garbage Bags (8 Gallon). The unique diamond structure in the bag stretches around objects to prevent rips and tears. This is good because some days are just big trash days, usually the day the mail arrives. We have jammed things into these bags and been amazed that they never rip.

We occasionally have found these bags at a Wal-Mart but have consistently found them at Target. This is one of the rare items that we have a small stockpile in storage in case we are in areas that we might not be able to get them so you know how much we like them. We ran out once and used a different brand and you guessed it we had a rip but thankfully it was outside. So now we keep a few in storage just in case.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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